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Solaris Cassette

European Style Retractable Cassette Awning
Designed for Decks, Patios or Balconies.

The Solaris Cassette Retractable Awning protects the fabric and the folding arms from all the weather conditions when it is closed and gives you the ultimate control over your outdoor comfort. With an easy turn of a crank or push of a button on the remote, you decide exactly how much sun or shade you want while you enjoy dinner, entertain friends, or just kick back and relax. You can even program your Solaris Cassette awning to automatically extend or retract according to wind or sun conditions. Along with the clean mechanical design, the Solaris Cassette features your choice of hundreds of Sunbrella fabrics, ranging in colors from pastels to bold primaries to match or accent the look of your home. Making this smart and smart-looking awning a worthy investment in the beauty and enjoyment of your home. Not only will a Solaris Cassette awning enhance your fun in the sun or shade, but it also protects your indoor furnishings from damaging UV exposure while lowering utility bills. And thanks to unmatched attention to detail, along with construction using the finest materials and components, it will continue to do so year after year.

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Solaris Cassette

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