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Solaris Window awning

Designed for Windows and Doors

The Solaris Window awnings are a great investment in the beauty and value of your home. As well as giving a custom decorator look to the outside, the Solaris Window awning works to control the temperature and protects your furniture and carpet against sun damage inside. Cassette and drop arms available in the colors white, desert sand and brown. Also available is an option which allows you to open or close your Solaris Window awning with the push of a button. Last but not least, the Somfy RTS Sun and wind sensor will operate your Solaris Window awning automatically. The Solaris Window awning features your choice of hundreds of woven acrylic fabrics from Sunbrella® to customize your awnings to any style of home. And thanks to careful attention to detail and construction using corrosion resistant materials and components of the highest quality, you will enjoy these awnings along with minimum maintenance for years to come.

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Solaris Window Awning

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