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Solaris Valance Solaris Valance for Decks, Patios or Balconies

Our Solaris Valance Retractable Awning gives you the ultimate control over your outdoor comfort. With an easy turn of a crank or push of a button on the remote... read more..

Solaris Cassette Solaris Cassette for Decks, Patios or Balconies

The Solaris Cassette Retractable Awning protects the fabric and the folding arms from all the weather conditions when it is closed and gives you the ultimate... read more..

Solaris Pergola Solaris Pergola for Arbors, Pergolas and Sun rooms

Solaris Pergola awning is designed for the most beautiful places in your backyard: arbors, pergolas and sunrooms and gives you the ultimate... read more..

Solaris Window Awning Solaris Window Awning for Windows and Doors

The Solaris Window awnings are a great investment in the beauty and value of your home. As well as giving a custom decorator look to the outside... read more..

Solaris window blind Solaris Window Blind for Windows and Doors

The exterior Solaris Vertical Window Blind significantly reduces the heat gain in your home by effectively stopping up to 70% of the sun’s energy... read more..

Solaris Wing Solaris Wing

The Solaris Wing has a portable free standing frame, that allows you the freedom to shade and cool anywhere you need it... read more..

Solaris Shade Sail Solaris Shade Sail

The Solaris Shade Sail is the newest and coolest shading devise under the sun. If you want to change your environment from ordinary to extraordinary than this is the way to go.... read more..

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